Pretty Never Goes Out of Style: The Citizen Jolie

While I've always been a jewelry person, I've not always been a watch person. I have a mini wardrobe of trend-driven and oversized styles, but for some reason, they just haven't felt right in several seasons. So, it only made sense to add something a little smaller and a lot more ladylike to the mix, something like the Jolie, a chic new bracelet watch from Citizen.

Just introduced for Spring, the Jolie is pretty and petite (like me?), and fits in precisely with this season's retro-feminine trend. Better yet, the Jolie is powered by light (so modern!) and thereby, eco-friendly - I'll never have to throw out batteries again (perfect, since I'm so lazy about these things).

You'll soon be able to shop Citizen online, but until there, try Kay Jewelers, where the Jolie Eco-Drive is ringing in at just $243.75.