Here It Is! (The DVF Dress You Need in Multiples)

It's often said, mostly by my friend Andrea and her dad, that if you love something, you should buy it in multiples. It's style advice that I take to heart, particularly with staple pieces, say the perfect Chantelle bra or my favorite Current Elliott jeans. Less often does it apply to "special occasion" pieces - after all, those pieces, by definition are intended to be special, right?

Maybe not, it turns out. At least not in strictest sense of the word, nor in the curious case of the DVF Zarita, seen above on both me and Mara at our friend Marina's wedding recently (oh hey, that's Aly and Amber too!). This dress, this almost perfect dress, manages at a minimum two of the following attributes simultaneously, depending on the color you choose and how you style it:

  • Festiveness!
  • Sexiness!
  • Professionalism! (I just kept running with those exclamation points, what can I say?)
  • Comfort!
  • Fun!

My closet now boasts the Zarita in both navy and ivory, and it's the better for it. 

DVF Zarita, $325.