What to Wear: Late Summer Wedding

A wedding is generally the perfect reason to get dressed up and for some reason, even more so when the wedding falls in the late summer or early fall. When planning your look for a summer wedding in the UK, there's one thing you can be absolutely confident in - the weather will be unpredictable! If you'd rather avoid spending the day shivering in a floaty dress after you’ve woken to find the weather cool and wet, have a second outfit option ready and waiting.

That said, let's be optimistic and think best-case scenario: that the bride and groom will be bathed in sunshine on their wedding day! Bonmarche has a superb selection of special occasion outfits, with many options to coordinate items so that you can slip layers on and off as the day progresses. Weddings used to break for a pause mid-afternoon, but nowadays most guests will choose an outfit that will take them through the whole day – from the ceremony through the reception!

One of the great things about wedding photos is the amazing range of bright and colourful outfits that different guests choose to wear. It makes sense to find out the colours that the wedding party will be wearing, and then avoid them. If it hasn’t been made clear on the invitation, dont' hesitate to ask the bride herself or a member of the family.

The invitation will often give you an idea of how formal a wedding iis going to be and, of course, this will influence your choice of outfit. There are also some practicalities to bear in mind – such as making sure you wear comfortable shoes. You’ll spend most of the day and evening on your feet, and if you have to walk any distance, could you do so with ease in the shoes you have chosen? If the ceremony has a religious element to it, make sure that you have something to cover spaghetti shoulder straps, like a draped blazer (which is less formal than something with structure) or a complementary shawl.

The most important thing to bear in mind when choosing a late summer wedding outfit is that while you want to blend in with the other guests, this is one occasion where you really can choose to go to town on your outfit. Unless you’re going to a particularly formal wedding, the general guideline is that any festive style goes, so make it one that you enjoy wearing!

This post was produced in partnership with Bonmarche.