Remade in the USA: Liberty United

I don't tend to talk much about politics or social issues for a simple reason - I don't know a lot about politics or social issues. As a former debate team captain (that's right, y'all, don't start an argument with me), it was instilled in me that unless you understand intimately both sides of a controversial issue, you've essentially no right to an opinion - or at least not the public statement of an opinion.

That said, it's hard to ignore the terrifying and devastating rise of gun violence in our country and it's only natural that a bleeding heart liberal like me might wish to do something about it. Enter Liberty United, the new endeavor of serial social entrepreneur Peter Thum, founder of Ethos Water and Fonderie47. Beginning with jewelry, the company aims to reduce illegal gun violence in the United States by granting 25% of the proceeds from each piece sold towards the funding of anti-violence and advocacy programs. 

All of the jewelry in the Liberty United collection incorporates the melted down metal from destroyed illegal guns and bullet shell casings, also featuring the serial number of a destroyed weapon on each piece. Top tier jewelry designers, such as Philip & Courtney Crangi of Giles & Brother (above, the Skinny Spike Bracelet in Gunmetal) and soon (holiday!), Pamela Love, have and will continue to collaborate with Liberty United to create reimagined and exclusive product. 

To do your part (and also, get some sweet arm swag) visit Liberty United online to shop.