Required Reading: Lou Doillon in ELLE

Perfectly Parisian and pedigreed like WHOA (her mama is Jane Birkin), Lou Doillon is high on my list of girl crushes. So, obviously, I abandoned a Powerpoint deck mid-slide this afternoon to cruise on over to the preview of her interview in the November issue in the magazine. A choice quote from Lou:

“My role models are Patti Smith, Nina Simone, and Fiona Apple—the girls who have the balls to say they’re girls. In a modern world where a majority of women say, ‘I don’t need you, I’ve got my money, I’ve got my stuff, ’ I say, I desperately need men. My whole album is a tribute to men. It takes a man in me to tell you that I’m on my knees for men.”

The November issue of ELLE hits newsstands October 21.