This Furry Jacket Can't Make Me Kate Moss (OR CAN IT?)

I've spent a ton of time thinking, lately, about shopping strategy. I always CLAIM to buy only things I love or things I need, and prefer the best quality I can afford...but do I always live it? My shopping mantras were put to the test when I popped into H&M a month or so ago. There, I spied the Paris collection, and within it, this entirely amazing, entirely impractical faux fur jacket.

If memory serves, this jacket retailed at $59.90 (read: CHEAP!), and being faux, I'd generally eschew as I tend to think that faux fur makes people look like stuffed animals (sorry, everyone). BUT, the pull of this jacket was strong. I had visions of Kate Moss running through my head as I imaginary styled it with skinny jeans, a powerful stiletto and perhaps a classic fedora, like this one from Eugenia Kim

So, despite the fact that this jacket was clearly not a NEED, nor of the best quality (in fact, it shed all over me yesterday), I'm glad I gave into a fashion whim and pulled the trigger.

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