2014: A Few Resolutions

The turn of the year is a few short days away, and this weekend, I've been spending some time taking stock of the 2013 that was, and how to better all things Dina in 2014. A few thoughts:

I will spend less.

I'm at a point in my life where I'm starting to feel suffocated by THINGS and the more I buy, the less I (ironically) seem to appreciate. I've tossed around the idea of wardrobe minimalism though that seems a little extreme and perhaps unrealistic. But going forward, I want to truly focus on buying only things I need or love. Note: this resolution applies to more than just fashion, see also: food delivery and dining out, which I'd rather see as an experience than a multiple times a day occurrence.

I will learn to cook (better than I am currently able).
New York is a city of highly regressed adults, and one life skill often underdeveloped is COOKING - I'm no exception to this unfortunate truth. Now, I don't expect to become a gourmet by any measure, but realistically, I'm Italian - food is in my blood and I'd love to expand on that natural ability with some technical prowess. In addition to continuing to integrate the occasional delivery from Blue Apron (helpful in setting the stage for kitchen success - review here), I will also be exploring cooking classes at, perhaps, The Brooklyn Kitchen.

I will attain the elusive "ballet body." My broken wrist(s!) and surgery this year seriously derailed me fitness-wise, but post-physical therapy, I'm newly committed. And while I've dabbled in - and will likely continue to dabble in - everything from spin to boxing, my latest fitness obsession is ballet, more specifically Ballet Bungee at Chaise Fitness. Created and often taught by a former New York City ballet dancer (Rachel, seen above - she and her mother Lauren own the studio), Ballet Bungee focuses on strengthening, lengthening and balance. I plan to continue with barre classes as well, as that's a discipline that also, if committed, delivers exactly the kind of body I want.

I will continue to challenge myself, and explore my interests - however varied. Whether it's Improv Basics at the Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center or photography or jewelry making classes, I think it's super important to get yourself outside of your own box - blogger, marketer, "fashionista" (oy) are just a few labels that people tend to associate with me, and I like those labels less and less daily.

What are you resolving to in the New Year? If you feel like sharing, leave a comment below.