Into the Light: Lancôme DreamTone Dark Spot Corrector

I’ve spent a lot of time in recent days thinking about physical beauty – as I am wont to do – and the assets we’ve been given to help us achieve it. The answer is simple, in my book, though threefold – mental wellbeing, good hair and GREAT skin. Seriously, think of the most beautiful women you know, and I bet you’ll observe the same common ground.

Of that magical trifecta, skin is easily where I, personally, struggle the most. Though wrinkle-free to date (thank you, good genetics!), my face bears both the more-than-occasional blemish and also, the dark spots left by blemishes of days gone by (seriously, guys, let me be a lesson to you: don’t pick!)

I like to think, however, that I live my life in “solutions mode” and that’s where Lancôme DreamTone comes in. This new, customized, skin-tone correcting serum is targeted to dark spot correction. And unlike the vast majority of solutions-based skincare on the market, it’s available in three variations, customized for skin tones from Fair to Dark.  

My fair skin, evidenced above with DreamTone in Shade 1

Since being introduced to Lancôme DreamTone, it’s found a comfortable home in my routine – I apply it twice daily, between my cleanser (or toner, in the evening) and moisturizer.  There’s a lot that I love about the product – notably that the formulation is luxurious and smells like HEAVEN (a fresh take on rose). It’s also, though, efficacious, and after almost six weeks of use, my skin has become visibly brighter – in fact, at a long overdue lunch last week, a friend commented that I was “glowing.” You can’t ask for much more than that! DreamTone’s effects have been cumulative, in my experience, so I definitely recommend being regimented in your approach, and applying twice daily under moisturizer for max impact.
Lancôme DreamTone retails for $98 for a 1.3 fl oz – snag a bottle at
Lancô or at department stores nationwide, and share your skin story by baring all with a #bareselfie like mine:

While all opinions expressed are my own, this post was produced in collaboration with Lancôme’s and Style Coalition.