New Year, New You (a Skintervention)

As discussed often on this blog (almost ad nauseum, if we’re being honest), taking care of your skin is one of the most important commitments you can make in your beauty regimen.

And beyond the basics – eating well, staying well hydrated, getting enough sleep, eschewing the sun and cigarettes – there’s also the magic that is great skincare. Below, three easy peasy (yet highly impactful) resolutions you can make now (it’s not too late!) to improve the condition of your skin in 2014.

  • Always cleanse. No excuses. No exceptions. Your skin is a living, breathing part of you and falling asleep in your makeup is an absolute skin sin. I start first with a makeup wipe to remove foundation and then cleanse with Pur Minerals Simplicity Soothing Gentle Cleanser – I have truly sensitive skin that needs to be babied, and this relaxed formula is the perfect, never-irritating solution.
  • Mask like a Parisian.  The French do it better, y’all – that’s an adage I really believe, particularly when it comes to beauty and style decisions. So, mask like a Parisian – read, generously. A cult favorite like Borghese Fango Active Face and Body Mud Mask twice a week works wonders to unclog pores and remove lingering impurities from skin.
  • SPF is your best friend.  No, really, repeat after me – SPF is your best friend. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOOOOOOVE a tan. I’m Italian. I find a tan impossibly glamorous. But the reality is that there’s absolutely nothing worse you can do for your skin than lie in the sun. Apply SPF every day – perhaps H20 Plus Face Oasis Hydrating Lotion with SPF 30, even in the winter, yes, even when it’s cloudy.

Lastly, this year, don’t forget to treat your neck and décolleté as you treat your face – cleanse, apply serum and massage in moisturizer to ensure that these fragile areas don’t wind up giving away your age before your face does!

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