First Class: Here's What to Pack in Your Carry On

Like most careers, my gig comes with its fair share of both perks and drawbacks. Included in the "Perks" column, by all means, is the occasional First Class travel. And as anyone who's traveled First Class knows, it's a hard return to make to Coach. First offers not only immeasurably more personal space and comfort, but also (often) great food, limitless DRANKS and....drumroll, please...immensely fun and exlusive to First Class amenity kits, often stuffed with treats from luxe beauty brands.

I, to be honest, have a secret/not so secret love of said kits, and tend to hoard them post-travel, to no end use - until now, that is. With pending travel (in Coach, I'm sorry to say) on the horizon, I dug into my stash of sample and travel sized products to create what I'd consider to be the PERFECT personal amenity kit to take on board. Included, and seen above?

  • A toasty but not too fussy pair of socks (airplane carpeting makes me nauseous if I think too much about it).
  • Earplugs and an eye mask for overnight flights (mine is the Cat Eye Mask from Catbird).
  • Ponytail holders (I like Twistband as they don't leave creases in your hair) + bobby pin (necessary for my bangs).
  • Gum - I like Orbit - to combat popping ears
  • A moisturizing lipbalm that lends just a hint of color - for your consideration, NIVEA's new A Kiss of Care & Color, available in 5 shades including Sheer Berry, my jam at the moment.
  • Oral care essentials - namely, a toothbrush, a trusted toothpaste like Oral B and a Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrip for a nice little pre-arrival boost. The Supreme Flex Fit version seen above stretches and molds to fit each unique smile perfectly and delivers results equivalent to a professional whitening treatment.
  • Herban Essentials Towelette (here in Eucalyptus, but also available in Lemon or Lavender) is, essentially, an elevated and ultra freshening wipe. I literally buy these in bulk and don't leave home without.
  • A sample packet or two of body or hand cream to save space - the ones above are from LAFCO's luxe line of Reparative Hand Creams.
  • A trio of skincare essentials, namely a trusted makeup removing wipe, a moisturizing and refreshing mist like MIYU Beauty's Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence and for dry skin emergencies, an intensive mask like Origins Drink Up.

Any necessary items that i missed? As always, I'm open to your suggestions so tweet 'em my way at @eye4style, or leave a comment below!