Fragrance Finding, Simplified: Commodity Goods

I'm the type of girl who appreciates a fragrance wardrobe as opposed to a fragrance signature. After all, a fragrance must match many things - the weather, the time of day, my outfit, my mood and, of course, the intended audience - let's not pretend otherwise. Even so, with several fragrance favorites in the mix, from Kiehl's Musk rollerball to Frédéric Malle Carnal Flower, I've been feeling a bit stagnant - picking up samples here and there, only to fall in like as opposed to love.

That all changed thanks to fagrance start-up Commodity Goods - a Kickstarter success story - who looks to change the scent discovery experience, by inviting customers to test their (thoroughly modern and deceptively simple) collection of fragrances at home before they buy.

Commodity scents (10 per gender) are organized by category - Fresh, Warm or Floral, for women - with robust and highly visual descriptions of each found on the beautifully designed and easy to navigate site. Shoppers are encouraged to order a "Fitting Kit" first, complete with 10 samples good for about 2 wears each, which allows you to explore every scent. After dabbling, my favorites from the collection include Gold and Moss, with an honorable mention going to Dew, a complex, yet light fruity floral.

Get fitted at Commodity Goods for $9, redeemable towards your full-size order if made within 10 days.