Luxe Must: Ryan Storer Ear Cuff

Ear cuffs have been on my radar for a few seasons now, thanks to this entirely Elven one shown on Rodarte's runway for Spring '13. In person though, Rodarte's felt a little too Lord of the Rings, and not quite enough edgy, downtown glam for my tastes. That's where Australian designer/industry darling Ryan Storer comes in. His elaborate and ornate Ear Cuffs, truly the most gorgeous I've seen, simply drip glamour, and I love that they're sold complete with a delicate, complementary stud for the alternate side. 

Much like Mansur Gavriel's much loved Bucket Bags, Ryan Storer's Ear Cuffs are a hot commodity at the moment. Stocked at just a few premium retailers globally, you can order online at Browns Fashion (where the collection was freshly restocked today), or keep a close eye on Net-a-Porter for new arrivals - and if you're willing to wait, ordering directly from Ryan Storer's e-shop in Australia will save you between 10-20% off the prices seen at retailers. On site, cuffs range between $223 and $780 Australian (a favorable conversion for Americans).

p.s. For an inexpensive fix, shop Baublebar's small assortment of ear cuffs, ranging between $28-$32, here (I'm sad to say that my favorites are out of stock!)