Facing Your Fears: Trapeze School New York

While I'm admittedly no daredevil, trapeze has long been on my 'bucket list'. I knew all along, on some level though, that unlike boxing, ballet or a baking class at Momofuku, I'd need company - and adventurous company at that - friends that could drive me to be a bit bolder, to face my fears and take the proverbial leap. So, a solid crew and I booked a private Friday evening class last week at Trapeze School New York South Street Seaport.

Along with the hazards of jumping off a platform 23 feet in the air, the South Street Seaport location is outdoors - thereby, glaringly public and touristy. So, whether you panic or soar like a bonafied member of the circus, your failure or success will be fodder for tourist entertainment - you'd better be okay with it. In case you're wondering, I fell somewhere between the two extremes - I was bold enough to go first, and okay with diving off the platform (that's me in the pink pants above!), but at the end of the day, couldn't do much more than hang and swing. In short, trapeze was not my strong suit.

If you're tempted to take a class at Trapeze School New York, consider the following:

  • Climbing the latter to get to the platform, 23 feet in the air, is almost scarier than throwing yourself off said platform. If you have a fear of heights, focus on the ladder when you're climbing; don't get distracted by your surroundings.
  • Focus is key! Your class will have a TSNY staffer on the lines, who'll also be calling to you with directions on when to swing your legs, hang, and let go. Once you're flying, it can be hard to hear what he/she is saying, so do your best to focus and be respectful of noise levels in class.
  • Celebrate your success! As one of my fellow flyers reminded me, you're brave for even taking a trapeze class. Enjoy a post-fly cocktail and the glorious views at Watermark or a celebratory dinner at Trading Post, one of my favorite restaurants downtown.

Learn more about Trapeze School New York and book a class here.