The Ballet Collabs Keep Coming: Cole Haan

Avery En Pointe Ballet in Sugar Plum

To file under, "Wow, Another," Cole Haan today, to coincide with the New York City Ballet Fall Gala, announced a multiyear partnership with three ballerinas from the org. Debuting on October 1 will be the Avery Ballet Studio Collection, two new styles of a classic Cole Haan flat: the Avery En Pointe Ballet and the Avery Printed Tutu Ballet.

What's so very special about the collection are the discreet design nuances inspired by the stage. Principal dancers Sara Mearns and Megan Fairchild, along with Corps de Ballet dancer Gretchen Smith, consulted with the design team and it shows down to the details, including suede toecaps on the Printed Tutu Ballet style, and a glorious laced grosgrain pattern on the Pointe Ballet, reminiscient of the ribbons on pointe shoes.

Shop the collection on October 1 at