The Gifts We Give Ourselves

If we're being honest, I'm never one to shy away from splurging on myself - after all, I'm a single woman, I have little to no family - if I don't, who will? When the holidays (also bonus season) roll around, I take things to the next level. Past years have seen me splurge on everything from a new Macbook Air to a very festive pair of red patent Louboutin Pigalles.

Given that this year has been an exceptionally good one, and I will be kicking off a new job on January 5, I couldn't resist knocking a couple of items off my Fashion Bucket List, the first being a Givenchy Antigona satchel. I was very particular about the Antigona, and though they pop up in various colorways, leathers and hardware combinations at sites like Rue La La for well below retail, for me, the bag is best at it's most minimal - in black, sturdy goat skin leather and sleek silver hardware. I've been carrying the Antigona since it arrived in early December and it's easily my BEST bag. It's got a certain bad bitch vibe that I just love.

I also picked up a (long-desired) Rick Owens leather jacket pre-holiday.  I had tried on long ago at Barneys and while Rick Owens jackets are both gorgeous and unmistakable, I took issues with spending $2k+ on a leather jacket, particularly given that I have an amazing Helmut Lang leather jacket that I picked up at the Woodbury Common for maybe (my memory is hazy) $600.  BUT, I'm only so strong, so when I saw Rick Owens among MyHabit's Black Friday events, I picked up a classic black leather jacket for well below $1k, taking into account a 20% off code.  In case MyHabit's not on your radar, it's a bit of sleeper in the flash sale category - owned by Amazon, they have killer designer product pop up, though it's admittedly often BURIED in multi-designer events. Invite here

Last, but not least, I caved on laser hair removal for my legs. I've already had laser on both my underarms and bikini, and it's a serious gamechanger - I love never having to worry about an errant hair.  This time, I booked at Skinney Med Spa and while I've only had one treatment (of at least 6) to date, I was super impressed - their space is GORGEOUS (I go to the downtown location, which they share with Warren-Tricomi), and the laser they use is remarkably painless and effective. While laser hair removal may seem like a hefty spend, I've never met someone who regretted it.

Do you believe in self-gifting? If you've splurged on anything special this season, share in the comments!