Holiday Favorite: Anthropologie Ornaments

We have already discussed my obsession with the holidays, and earlier this week, I fueled the flames with a quick trip to Anthropologie. As I'm sure many of you know, Anthropologie has so many great giftables AND an assortment of gorgeous Christmas ornaments, though as you might expect, they can be a bit expensive. Each season, I splurge on just a few to add to my tree - and I secretly hope that I might be gifted another one or two! This year's additions:

As a bonus, it looks like Anthropologie has already marked down seasonal decor and ornaments by 25% off online, though I can't speak to whether that discount holds true in store as well -  earlier this week, I paid full price. Either way, some ornaments have already sold out, so if one speaks to your heart (this is often how I feel about ornaments), don't hesitate!