Observed: The London Look

When people talk about stylish cities, London frequently ranks pretty high on the list, so I've been paying close attention to the street style here.

A few trends definitely seem to be part of the London look for practical reasons. i.e. The city is pretty brisk for most of the year, so tights in myriad patterns, colors and weights are definitely part of the style lexicon.

Sweaters (also known as "jumpers") are also a layering must - be it a vintage (oh yeah - and vintage abounds too!) pullover with a heavy dose of irony or the new "coatigan" - that's a cross between a coat and a long cardigan.

London, of course, is a walking city, so the footwear here is inexplicably much more practical than New York (inexplicable because the latter is also a walking city - but perhaps its women are more willing to suffer?) - flat boots and booties abound, as do low heeled and quirky pumps, mary janes and oxfords.

It's often said that trends start here in the UK, and if there's any truth to that, I think we'll be seeing even more capes next fall. I've spotted a few amazing ones on stylish Londonites - and they're available at every price point in stores, from high street (i.e. Marks & Spencer) to Harrod's.

What's the most stylish city you've ever visited? Tell me about it in the comments!