2010: Style Resolutions

Perhaps the one exception to style resolution # 1? $725.00 by Christian Louboutin at Bergdorf Goodman

2010 is just a day or so away now, so it's time for me to resolve to be a better woman. Incorporated in the mix of "eat more greens" and "be nicer" are a certainly a few style-related resolutions, namely:

1: Buy only things that I legitimately NEED or unequivocally LOVE. This means that I also need to reduce the dupes in my wardrobe...i.e. how many pairs of glitter shoes does a woman need? How many cardigans? I don't want to know the answer to these questions. Never mind.

2: Weed out things in my wardrobe that aren't "me", don't fit well or aren't flattering - and do my best to make a little cash back; try eBay, bring them to consignment shop or exchange them for credit or cash at Beacon's Closet.

3: Get a firmer grip on what feels professional and authoritative but still appropriate for my job - which is casual and creative.

I'm curious, do you have any style resolutions for 2010? Share in the comments!


BigGirlBlue said...

The ultimate one I think is to steer clear of fads and go more towards trends which last longer.

And there is no such thing as too many cardigans. :D

sandandmargarita said...

I'm with you on only purchasing things that I love. I have an entire closet full of things that just need to GO. I also think it's about focusing on things that really fit me, both in size and in style. I co-sign on those Louboutins, though. :)