Haul of the Day: Elizabeth and James Tokyo Chiffon Blouse

As I love to say, the fatter I get, the more I like leggings. So, while I'm busy avoiding Physique 57 and Core Fusion (seriously, it's TERRIFYING. Save me.) workouts with the girls, I'm taking the time to stock up on tunic-y tops that pair well with leggings, a la the little Elizabeth and James number above.

This gorgeous silk chiffon blouse has just the right amount of embellishment (read: almost too much) and I dig it.

I'm envisioning this beauty paired with a skinny dark denim jean or, of course, the aforementioned leggings. I'll be sure to post an outfit once it arrives, so do stay tuned.

Snag your own for $365 at www.nordstrom.com. (pssst, don't forget- Lucky subscribers save 5% at Nordstrom via Lucky Mag Rewards!)


BeautyChick101 said...

I've been dying over every iteration of the Tokyo top for about 7 months now. I think it's time I bit the bullet and finally bought one!

FirednFabulous said...

LOL, I've been trying to motivate myself to pop in my Physique 57 DVD for the last two hours! I'm getting get around to it...just after a pop a few more M&Ms into my mouth! Ugh, cold weather makes me so lazy. And yes, I've totally been rocking leggings more than usual since the holidays! Love the top...Elizabeth and James is one of my fave lines.