Reviewed, Approved: Blinc Mascara

If you’ve ever been a bride, you may have heard of Blinc mascaras.  Currently only available online (and therefore primarily used by professionals, and the #1 mascara choice of brides everywhere) and in dermatological and cosmetic surgery offices, Blinc is hopefully the mascara of the future.

$24.00 by Blinc at

I am an admitted “mascara junkie,” and am always looking for new ways to lengthen, separate, and plump.  I’m also fair-ly colored, and enjoy brown mascara for a natural, everyday look.  Blinc offers dark brown, blue, green, medium brown, black, and purple – so many wonderful options for any style!  But the real delight lies in its “tube” technology, now commonly found in products like L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes. Unlike these more mass-produced brands, Blinc mascaras are acrylic-polymer based, and contain no adhesives – they are easily removed with warm water, and certainly won’t take any of your natural lashes with them.  They’re also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, so rest assured that Blinc products are good for your karma, too. For more info, visit

-West Coast Contributor Lalla Robinson