It's Famous & It's On My Face: M.A.C. Stereo Rose Mineralized Skinfinish Powder

There are only a few products deemed holy grail by makeup devotees, and among them is M.A.C.'s legendary Stereo Rose Mineralized Skinfinish Powder. Released years ago as a limited edition in the Goldplay collection, I've since seen Stereo Rose sell for hundreds of dollars on eBay (retail is $28, for the record) and know makeup lovers who have multiples stockpiled. I wasn't so lucky and lived life Stereo Rose-less until yesterday.

Today, I'm a new woman. This multi-use coral and gold powder functions as a highlighter or blush, and delivers an effusive, from-within kind of glow that simply cannot be matched. Stereo Rose adds a certain swagger to my look, a healthy and sexy golden-inflused flush.

Thankfully, stockpiling is no longer necessary, as Stereo Rose is being re-released in M.A.C.'s upcoming In The Groove collection, hitting counters July 8. Mark your calendars now; get your mouse finger ready and your game face on.