What's in His Bag? Be & D Creative Director Steve Dumain

There are a lot of things that I love about being a woman, but near the very top of that list is my inate RIGHT TO ACCESSORIZE. I often feel sorry for the gents of the world, who are, TOO OFTEN, left to live their lives without amazing jewelry, deliciously impractical heels and of course, bags, bags, and more bags.

But all the rules go out the window when your name is Steve Dumain and you're the creative director of Be & D, one of the hottest accessory brands around.  

For those not in the know, Be & D has created MANY objects that I desire, most notably the iconic studded Garbo bag and the DIVINE new Jefferson Bucket Bag, which will undoubtedly be the death of me. Or my budget. To-MAY-to. To-MAH-to. This bag needs a home and that home is in my closet.

But I digress.

Steve himself was kind enough to share what's in HIS satchel, a custom-made school bag (but of course!) In his own words, here's what he's packing:

  • Some books - at the moment I am reading "Under the Banner of Heaven" by the same author as "Into The Wild" and a classic comic called Eightball
  • Aluminum water bottle - GNC has great ones actually...for a steal
  • A custom made leather and wood backgammon travel set
  • My iPhone with headphones and my favorite iPhone speaker by Altec Lansing
  • Green tea - Itoen this time
  • Some kind of vitamin - love this super immune formula made from olive leaf - from Quantum Health
  • A measuring tape - I love my classic one bought at a barn sale
  • A Willie Nelson wallet - signed by him in the mid nineties - and some foreign currency that I never exchanged after a trip
  • A few old photos found at a yard sale
  • My Kodak Flip video camera that I am trying to learn to use more
  • Some movie I am borrowing from a friend - in this case - Ermanno Olmi's Il Posto - wow
  • Ambre oil from ambreblends.com
  • Moleskine notepad and mechanical pencil
  • My white vintage Italian bike seat by Mundialita


oldergirlbeauty said...

Vintage. Bicycle. Seat? Man, I love randomness!

eye4style said...

I know, right? Men. They're so silly!

Courtney F. said...

He rides his bike everywhere and in NYC you have to take your seat off or someone may steal it! But random agreed.
Thanks again Dina - Steve loves it!

From Me To You said...

This looks so Indiana Jones to me! Adventures ahead!