OOTD: For the Love of Danny Roberts

Let me tell you a little story. A few months ago, I joined a brainstorm for a leading t-shirt brand at Attention (the gracious agency that gives me both an office and a paycheck).  In that brainstorm, I came up the GENIUS idea to partner with the uber-talented blogger/illustrator Danny Roberts of Igor & Andre to screen his blogger illustrations on that brand's tees and distribute.  While the client didn't bite (not everyone has the vision I do, what can I say?), a CERTAIN multi-million dollar company by the name of, oh, FOREVER 21, did and Danny Roberts' amazing t-shirt collaboration hit stores just last week.

Since I can't abide by the Forever 21 shopping experience here in the city, I ordered no fewer than three tees online and was pleasantly surprised when they arrived - they're deliciously soft and drapey, a la Alex Wang. Just one word to the wise...if you're a woman-sized person as opposed to a girl-sized person, you'll want to size up.  I'm wearing a Large above. Here are the rest of my outfit deets: