The Fashion Bucket List: Alexander McQueen Disco Skull Clutch

While I rarely carry a clutch (I prefer to be prepared for any and all occasions, and that requires a wide variety of items, on my person, at all times), I'm actually a collector. I have between 20-30 (vintage and contemporary), including several from one of my fave clutch purveyors, metal mesh experts Whiting & Davis.

But the mack daddy of all clutches is, without a doubt, this staggeringly gorgeous Disco Skull Clutch from Alexander McQueen.  Adorned with two of my favorite things - multi-color crystal Swarovski studs and a skull clasp, THIS is the clutch that will stop traffic and incite an epidemic of envy in any stylish room.

Best of all, McQueen's box clutches are deceptively roomy; they can easily hold all of the essentials for a great night out - iPhone, lipstick, compact, Blister Block, money clip, and more.

The Disco Skull Clutch is a mere (yes, I use the word ironically) $2,215, so I'm currently evaluating my closets, cupboards and cats to see what I can sell on eBay to raise the funds. If you, on the other hand, have a wealth of disposable income, you can snag your own at


Montreal InFashion said...

Ooh!!! A shiny disco ball at your fingertips! It will go fashionably well with Alexander McQueen's crystal ankle booties. Check them out at