Fashion Bucket List: Markus Lupfer Lips Sweater

Every now and then, I have what I fondly describe as...a FASHION BLACKOUT. It happens only when I'm completely consumed by an item...all goes dark and I wake up moments later, swathed in fine fabric and holding a receipt for an amount that PAINS me.

Something like that just happened in my apartment, ironically enough, as I drunkenly browsed Net-a-Porter's site (a horrible idea, why do I do this?) and stumbled upon designer Markus Lupfer's cheeky knits, including a jumper with BEDAZZLED PARROTS ($500) and more importantly, the Smacker sequined merino wool sweater ($455) seen above. With 6 weeks of winter left - THANKS, GROUNDHOG FRIEND - how can a a girl resist an irreverant knit, I ask? This girl, happily, cannot.

Do you ever drunk shop?  If so, what's been your damage, Heather? Share it all in the comments.