This is the Teddy I'm Wearing in My Fantasy Life Right Now

While I know my inherent love of lingerie doesn't exactly make me a UNICORN among women, I am embarrassingly susceptible to buying beautiful things that make more sense for my fantasy life than the reality of my existence. You know, the one where I live, alone - oh wait, with my two cats...even better! - in a one bedroom on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

The simple fact is that I feel a little more glamorous, quite a bit more feminine and a lot sexier when I'm draped in silk, lace or even a finely draped jersey. Thankfully, Brulee's new Coco Teddy, with its discreet animal print and silk-covered buttons, strikes the balance - it's loungey yet easy, sexy but effortless. And it works equally as well when I'm lounging at home alone as it does when I'm entertaining guests.

If you're in the market to pamper yourself (or, for that matter, entertain a guest), the Coco Teddy will retail for $174. Bookmark Brulee Lingerie to shop, and follow my Here, Kitty, Kitty board on Pinterest to see even more lingerie I love!