Going Full Kardashian or Organic Spray Tanning at The Spa at Trump SoHo, Reviewed

I've long been an advocate of embracing my natural, fair complexion, but when pressed, I'm forced to admit that I look damn good with a tan - healthy, slim and wow, do my blue-green eyes pop. Thusly, the narcissist in me simply cannot LIVE without a tan, though the narcissist in me also plans to age gracefully. SO, when presented with the option of lying poolside or stripping down to a paper g-string and positioning myself in the line of fire (airbrush gun only, of course), the choice is simple.

Enter The Spa at Trump SoHo, a luxe and relaxing sanctuary tucked away on the 7th floor of the chic downtown hotel. Whether you're looking to pre-game for a beach vacation, prepping for a special event or simply require a gorgeous glow to go about your daily life, the spa's Organic Spray Tanning treatment ($90) delivers. After a speedy 30-minute session last week, I was left with a dark and healthy-looking tan that was delivered in the healthiest way possible - via a formula made from all organic ingredients, including aloe vera, jojoba seed oil and vitamins E and D. The signature sunless tanning smell that we've all come to loathe and disdain was minimal, and I was left looking like an honorary Kardashian sister for a full 7+ days. The tan faded gradually over the course of the week, and best of all, the natural formula stayed PUT, and didn't stain clothing, sheets or towels.

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