Beach Style with Alisha Trimble

Summer is a season that, as woman, I simultaneously long for yet also dread. Steamy temps mean smaller outfits and as much as I love beach time, each year I stress about finding a beach style that's still me. 

This season's take, seen above, is retro with a glam goth twist thanks to designer Alisha Trimble, whose creative mind created the retro style halter maillot style seen above. This impeccably constructed suit is embellished with a gloriously sequined skull. See more of Alisha Trimble's vintage-style swimswear online - the fully amazing details will win you over in a snap.

Complementing the swimsuit is a sweetly protective Hat Attack Fedora with Neon Trim and a cheery pedicure (the finishing touch for any summer look, in my book!)

Photo taken at Long Beach, and snapped by Yuli Ziv.