Birthday Hair at John Barrett's Braid Bar

Andrea and I get down to business -namely a yummy celebratory birthday dinner - at Chinatown's The Fat Radish. Thanks to Heather for the snap!

Birthdays are important days to me, and accordingly, I take every possible opportunity to spoil myself on that special day. This year that included a visit to John Barrett's Braid Bar, where stylist Kayley gave me the chic milkmaid braid and bun seen above. With shampoo, a TDF scalp massage and blowout included in the $50 price tag, it was a worthy indulgence.

New to the John Barrett Salon is an extension of Braid Bar services, the Ponytail Bar. Debuting in Vogue this week (you can see a gallery of four editors' chosen looks on site), I browsed through the menu of available styles (inspiration shots of celebs and models) on site, and thought to myself, WOW, how GENIUS. There are SO many creative things you can do to add interest to a simple ponytail, but truth be told, I lack both the ambition AND the hand-eye coordination. Why not leave it to the pros? I'll be booking a return visit soon.

Like the Braid bar, styles at the Ponytail Bar begin at $50. Learn more here.