Lower East Side Living: Plank Pilates

As both a native New Yorker and a Leo, I have a predisposition to boredom that is truly exceptional. If such a thing could be exceptional, that is. SO, after a year+ of barre classes across the lower half of Manhattan, I've recently begun integrating NEW classes into my weekly workout routine. First up: Plank Pilates, a boutique studio located in the heart of the Lower East Side. I had walked by several times before committing, but after taking three Tower classes, I'm now hooked. Majorly challenging in terms of both precision and strengthening, Tower uses a Pilates reformer, resistance springs (yowsa!) and bars. 

Pros: Classes at Plank Pilates are intimate, with a maximum of five students; instructors are friendly. The chic, minimalist space boasts gorgeous beaming and exposed brick. Complimentary and yummy infused waters (cucumber and lemon) and cool towels. Lastly, classes are a bit more affordable than many studios - $25 - $30/single, with reduced pricing for packages.

Cons: Truthfully, there's not much to complain about here. That said, there's an absence of lockers, and while there's AC, I generally prefer a colder studio. 

What to Wear:

Learn more about the studio, check class schedules and book online at Plank Pilates.