In My Cart: Matches Edition

Girls of a Certain Age, the new-ish blog from former Lucky EIC Kim France, is admittedly one of my favorite sites on the World Wide Web at the moment. One of the funniest, yet most inspiring, recurring features is the "I Can Shop Anywhere Challenge," in which Kim finds items she'd actually wear in the most unexpected of places, i.e. the fashion wasteland that is the FINGERHUT catalog. Admittedly, I'm not so into self-sacrifice (better Kim than I), so for the first in a new "In My Cart,' series, I instead devoted my energies to the carefully edited designer assortment at Matches Fashion, home to men's and women's apparel, along with a bounty of gorge accessories.

If given an unlimited budget, here's my top five:

While all wishes, dreams and desires expressed are my own, this post was produced in association with Matches Fashion.