Pump Up the Volume: 5 New Hair Products to Boost Body

In hair as in life, I waver between extremes. If it's not sleek, straight strands I'm seeking, it's bodaciously sexy volume - I'm a woman of contrasts, what can I say? Truth be told, however, my naturally fine hair is pretty averse to body, so I'm forced to rely on a WARDROBE of styling products to deliver my preferred levels of root lift and volume, previously seen only on Brigitte Bardot. Here are 5 of the best.

  • Shu Uemura's new Volume Maker Invisible Texturizing Powder ($48) delivers killer texture in part thanks to a clever, easy-to-apply click brush. Apply to either roots or strands for volume and oil absorption (yes, it does double duty as a dry shampoo!) Best of all, Volume Maker Invisible Texturizing Powder is travel-friendly and small enough to keep tucked in all but the teeniest of bags - without the threat of spills. Love that!
  • On the other end of the price spectrum is Suave's stellar Keratin Dry Shampoo. While there are many Suave products that excel, this is a standout, delivering mega volume and a hefty dose of freshness to 2nd day or end-of-day hair. It smells surprisingly expensive, but at just $3.49/can, you can afford to keep one in your desk and one at home. 
  • Alterna Bamboo Style Texturizing Body Boost Volumizing Liquid Powder ($22) is my favorite of all magical, dust-like white powders (just kidding, fam!) While you can apply directly to roots or dry hair, I prefer to shake a small amount of product into my palms, rub together and then finger comb through strands for lift, separation and control, sans all stickiness.
  • The latest addition to TRESemme's totally major 24 Hour Body Collection is the new Blow Dry Lotion ($5.39). Designed for those of us who are hopelessly addicted to heat-styling, this lightweight, non-sticky heat protectant spray adds fullness and staying power, without stripping hairz of shine and touchability. I cocktail it up a little bit (mixing can be magical) by finishing with a pea-sized amount of Smooth Salon Silk No Frizz Serum to ends. 
  • Regardless of the season, beach hair tends to be the penultimate. Something about ocean water, sun and sand just makes hair look so effortlessly sexy - it's a look I aim to emulate year-round. Thankfully, Healthy Sexy Hair's new Soy Renewal Beach Spray ($19.95) delivers exactly that, no rental car required. I spritz lightly all over strands and finger combs for close-to-excessive waves without a hint of crunch.