Plukka x The Glamourai: These Rings Will Change Your Life

My obsession with jewelry is boundless, kids. In fact, let's not even talk about all that I bought myself for my birthday, including Dannijo and Alex Woo. Suffice to say, the Plukka rings seen above were also in the mix. Created in collaboration with blogger Kelly Framel of The Glamourai, each is comprised of two delicate diamond bands connected by a fine 18k gold chain. Simply sexy, but with a subtle hint of bondage that this girl just can't resist.

Plukka offers a unique and distruptive pricing model, in that the more rings that are sold, the lower the price to all. Currently, The Glamourai ring, ringing in at $665 per and while just one is lovely, I do love two (seen above) or even three worn on the same hand.

Learn more and shop Plukka's assortment of fine jewelry here, or enter their Pinterest "Pin Up Challenge: Summer Style" for your chance to win a ring. Happy pinning!