If I Were A Boy

A few days ago, I found myself chatting with a friend about men, which led promptly into a conversation about men's style (that's normal, right?) Now, in recent years, menswear has seen a major resurgence, as evidenced by the bounty of amazing men's style blogs in the Internet universe (Street Etiquette, The Midwest Style and Four Pins are just a few of my favorites). I can't claim to be an expert in menswear, of course (I'll save that for the likes of Nick Wooster), but I do boast a healthy interest in the opposite sex as well as some strong opinions on what I'd wear, IF (in the words of Beyonce) I WERE A BOY. Here's what I've got my eye on at the moment:

  • This oversized and minimal Vestal Watch from Watch Co. ($290) boasts boundless amounts of masculinity and chic. Since most men don't wear a lot of jewelry, a watch can and should say everything.
  • This I'm Fine t-shirt from The Fancy ($22) is quirky and fun. I love the idea of tucking it under an unzipped hoodie and layering up with a blazer.
  • What few peeps know about me is that I was once a sneaker collector. I've since grown into heels, but if I were a boy, there'd be nothing to stop me from investing in the Alejandro Ingelmo Fur Josh with beaver trim. Well, nothing except the $795 price tag, of course.
  • Fashion insider-y with a hint of vulgarity? SOLD. I spotted a guy at a client's office wearing this clever Comme des Fuckdown sweatshirt ($59) and fell in love. 

For more picks from my boy brain, follow the dedicated "If I Were A Boy" board I've created on Pinterest.