Listen Up: Headphones for Every Style

After years of the discreet Apple earbud, BIG headphones are making what feels like a BIG, high-style comeback. And regardless of your personal style - girly, playful, minimalist or bold - there's a pair to suit. Above, a few of my favorites:

Molami's insanely chic collection of headphones are in a class all their own - the end. Minimalist across the board  - the three styles are available in just stark black or white, with varying hardware - the most unique style is also the newest. The Twine ($200) does double duty as a silk chiffon headband, wrapping around your head and providing all-encompassing sound.

The SOL REPUBLIC and tokidoki Tracks HD headphones ($149.99) offer FUN (all caps required), along with amazing sound, and a virtually indestructible design. As a bonus, the headbands are interchangeable (see here), so if you tire of the quirky signature tokidoki animation, you can swap out for a color of your choice and have what feels like a new pair of headphones.
The Taylor headphones by Frends ($199) have become almost ubiquitous in the fashion industry - in fact, I can think of at least five women in my office who're rocking them currently, and with VERY good reason. The jewelry-inspired, pyramid-stud-on steroids design make these the perfect supplemental accessory, though it's the luxe materials and solid sound that keep them in my current rotation as a favorite.

Urbanears does one thing very, very well and that's CLEARLY color. Their classic, almost-modular styles - seen above is the Plattan ($59.90) - come in a BOUNTY of colors (13, to be exact) for men and women, though I'm loving the perfectly-on-trend-for-spring coral seen above most.