Give a Little, Get a Lot: The Power of Patrick Melville

It's been about 9 months since I cut my hair into a short angular bob and almost immediately regretted it. It's actually kind of funny that a hair-obsessed person like myself could conceivably opt into such a dramatic change without realizing the incredible impact that it would have on how I felt about myself, and also how I was perceived by others - yet, that's exactly what happened.

In short, the grow out phase has felt like an eternity, and while I initially avoided cutting my hair entirely, a recent trip to The Patrick Melville Salon reminded me that, in hair as in life, one must often give a little in order to justify a return.

Melville himself, along with his co-owner, celebrity colorist Rick Wellman, are kind of rock stars in the world of hair, but not destroy-a-hotel-room kind of rock stars, mind you. They're more proponents of what I call YHBB, or Your Hair But Better, as exemplified by MY new cut and color, seen above. The rich brunette is my color, amplified and improved, and the added soft layers are so precisely cut that blow drys have been deemed completely and utterly unnecessary in the past few weeks. Instead, my hair simply falls into place, with the face-framing layers playing up my natural texture. Wild, right? It's a hair revolution of sorts, albeit a quiet one.

If you're in need of a new look, be it a subtle departure (...I'm always sorry for making hair masters suffer through my miniscule changes) or a dramatic shift in beauty perspective, the Patrick Melville Salon can surely accommodate. To learn more, click here, or to book an appointment uptown or down, call 212.218.8650.

Photo snapped by Sarah Conley.