The Transformer: JinSoon's Gossamer

Image via JinSoon's blog.

I took a risk on a toe color recently, a bright mid-tone blue by essie, that for some reason just did not sit well with me from the minute I left the salon. I kept glancing at it and feeling a little less than, until I dug into my stash and unearthed JinSoon's Gossamer, a SpaceNK-exclusive Spring color released in conjunction with Voile, the startlingly pretty violet also seen above.

In the bottle, Gossamer doesn't look THAT special, to be fair. But as a top coat, it's glorious. The luminous, purply pink shimmer adds just enough dimension and fairy-like magic to otherwise unspectacular colors. I can't overstate its importance in my nail arsenal.

JinSoon Gossamer, $18 at SpaceNK