Style Meets Technology: Sony VAIO Tap 11

In the past year or so, I've been traveling what feels like incessantly for both business (boo) and pleasure (yay). And since I'm always "connected" (for better or worse), I'm often left torn between two lovers as I pack my carry on - laptop or tablet? The former is often too heavy, while that latter's functionality leaves quite a bit to be desired when it gets down to business. What's a girl to do?

Sony's new VAIO Tap 11 Tablet PC makes that Sophie's Choice-level decision a wee bit easier, successfully bridging the gap between work (think laptop-like functionality including a magnetic, wireless keyboard and a speedy, efficient Intel® Core™ processor) and play (it's more stylish and lighter than you can imagine - in fact, the Tap 11 is the slimmest Windows tablet on the market).

As a longtime iOs user, getting acclimated to Windows 8 did take some adjustment, I cannot tell a lie. It's also worth noting that as a lover of the Internet (cap required), I consider 4G Broadband access to be essentially a non-negotiable - regardless of how annoying it is to add to a data plan fee to the monthly ledger. But if those considerations aren't dealbreakers for you, you'll want to sneak a peek at the versatile Tap 11 (starting at under $700!) here.

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