Closet Control: CottonBin

As some of you may know from my tweets on the matter, I've been, theoretically, making a more concious move to minimalism in my life. I feel overwhelmed by STUFF (HELLO, see evidence above - a recent and thoroughly embarrassing snap of my closet), yet it's hard to let go of once-loved pieces, particularly those in amazing, like-new condition. Thankfully, CottonBin hit my radar and while I might still consign my pristine designer handbags and shoes, this start-up - essentially an online boutique populated with amazing pre-loved apparel - allows me, and more importantly YOU, to easily swap gently worn pieces from both contemporary and designer brands for Points. POINTS that can then be banked, and used to shop a glorious online selection - think a clothing swap party...but online and with stylish babes like you situated all around the country.

I just packed up a tear-proof envelope (which came complete with pre-paid shipping label) myself this weekend, and tucked inside were pristine pieces from brands like Vince, Theory and J. Brand. On site, you can shop by style, brand, size or color - there's a wide variety of pieces perfect for summer that I'm currently eyeing - like this floral top from PJK, perfect with cut offs or white denim!

If you, like me, need to exert control over your closet, learn more and become a CottonBin member > here! New members receive a FREE month of membership AND a free swap kit to make closet-cleaning as easy and breezy as possible.
While all opinions expressed are my own (as always!), this post was produced in partnership with CottonBin.